And Then There Was Lite…

Previously, there wasn’t any way of trying Deep Green without having to purchase it. I can appreciate users wouldn’t necessarily just want to do that, although $7.99 US is cheap for an application of Deep Green’s caliber. And only very recently did I provide you with videos to ease the buying decision, let alone a website that would imply the quality I stand for.

By downloading Deep Green Lite, you can now get a feel for its big brother. In fact, they’re exactly the same – with just one exception: Lite won’t restore your previous game at application relaunch. So if you answer a phone call during a game, for example, you won’t be able to resume it, because Deep Green Lite will have terminated.

Luckily, getting the full enjoyment is only a few taps away: Game Info > Help > About:

About Deep Green Lite

Tapping the Buy Deep Green button will take you to the comforting shelves of the App Store. So to all of you with a need to kick the tires first, have a go at it.

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